Our leaders are failing us. Our police department has been between 50 and 70 officers short for years. Our violent crime rates spin out of control, but our politicians continue to keep our police understaffed, with no plans in place to fix it.

We need to fight the status quo, Baton Rouge… not fear the politically tough solutions. Demand our leaders to embrace reform. The Baton Rouge crime problem must be fixed.

Ad Campaign Launches to Fight Baton Rouge Crime

Baton Rouge, LA – An aggressive advertising campaign launched today across Baton Rouge focused on the growing problem of violent crime in the area. The campaign, entitled "Fight, Not Fear" utilizes television, print, a web site and social media to draw public attention to the fact that crime in Baton Rouge is significantly outpacing similar-sized communities. The campaign also calls for unification of the Parish’s two separate police systems: East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office and Baton Rouge Police Department. Unifying the two departments would mean greater efficiency and more police officers on the streets fighting crime.