About Fight, Not Fear

"Fight, Not Fear" is an independent, non-political organization. Our goal is to reduce crime in Baton Rouge, where our murder rate is higher than Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Cleveland and Boston.

The first step in solving Baton Rouge’s crime problem is unifying the city’s two police forces into one. It is a solution that has worked in other cities to cut crime.

The "Fight, Not Fear" campaign calls on citizens to reach out to leadership within the community and insist that Baton Rouge unify its law enforcement and deliver results. A feature on the "Fight, Not Fear" website allows residents to lobby their community leaders asking for unification of police forces in Baton Rouge regardless of the tough choices that will have to be made.

The "Fight, Not Fear" campaign originated with Lane Grigsby, a Baton Rouge resident and businessman, political activist and community leader. Grigsby views this campaign not as a political issue but one of protecting the future of his hometown. To learn more about Lane Grigsby, visit www.laplaintalk.com.

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Click here to find and contact your Baton Rouge city leader, to tell them we need reforms to fight violent crime.

You can also contact us at for more information.